Wallpaper Frond Happy - Sand Dune

Since we launched, we have led the effort to permanently capture the dignity & grace of women worldwide.

In just a simple, single stroke we do our best to evoke a separate emotion in each line created.

“In short, I try to capture a subject’s soul.” - Marcia Priestley


Our Mission

Marcia Priestley is an Australian Interior Designer & Artist who lives in Bendigo, Victoria.

Inspired by her two courageous daughter’s, simplicity in it’s most natural form & romance, Marcia’s work is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with every stroke she makes.

Marcia’s love affair with figurative art began when her daughter’s were born. Instantly she was mesmerised by the thought of capturing their innocence, their beauty and their grace and so Bibi Ana + Co. was born.

The meaning behind the name Bibi Ana + Co. is simple. Bibi - ‘Woman or Man’s Wife & Ana - story about a person.

Our line work represents so much more than the simple stroke it is, it represents a woman, it represents you. Because ideally no matter your circumstances, we want you to connect to yourself when you look at our work.

Admiring my work, I want you to admire yourself. I want you to recognise your own true value, your style, your grace so you are reminded of who you truly are, every single day.
Not just because you are a woman, but because you are a work of art
— Marcia Priestley, Artist

 Marcia Priestley with her family

Marcia Priestley with her family

What We've Achieved

  • Rococo helps Claire S to recognise her creative nature, her flamboyance and her grace.

  • Palmary keeps Justine M motivated, working hard for her next holiday amongst the palms.

  • Reflection keeps Sam F grounded in times of stress and adversity.

  • Dhyana reminds Marcia P to stop & meditate which helps to rejuvenate her soul.

  • Balla encourages Asha to push harder with her practice in dance.

  • Dhuku reminds Judy H of her inner strength which helped her through her toughest times in her life.