Dyhana Limited Edition Print

Dyhana Limited Edition Print


We are an iconic Australian art & design brand, passionate about redefining beauty and what it means to women alike, one line at a time.

Locally printed limited edition line work (mainly figurative art) is created solely by Marcia Priestley. Each piece is carefully planned and sketched, using just a few strokes for the purpose of evoking a seperate emotion, creating her symbolic & modish style.

We also offer ‘one off self-portraits’ for those searching for contemporary & simplistic impressions (alternatives to traditional portrait works) of themselves or loved ones for keepsakes of special moments stamped in time.

Marcia’s designs have been seen in CASA Vogue, Origin Magazine, Adore Magazine & Homes To Love to name a few.

 Wallpaper  Frond Happy - Sea Breeze (textured)

Wallpaper Frond Happy - Sea Breeze (textured)


Decor range - Coming soon!

Our wallpaper showcases the contemporary & simplistic nature of Marcia Priestley’s especial line work designs. Her carefully curated patterns, shown in a schematic form, are motifs designed with a characteristic yet calming idea in mind.