Wallpaper - Sea Breeze

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Wallpaper - Sea Breeze


Living life in a tropical oasis

‘A view of an expanse of sea’ Seascape is ideally paired with Frond Happy offering mixed & matched colour options for perfect wall decor combinations.


Made in Sweden, our Seascape Wallpapers are based off Marcia Priestley’s personal style and love for line design and engaging interiors. Sketched with a single stroke, each pattern offers an extensive colour range suited for all jovial spaces.

Available in both sketch & textured design there are 4 current colour ways:

  • Sea Breeze

  • Sand Dunes

  • Island Nights

  • Fresh Fauna

With 3 panels in a roll  45x300 high:

 1 roll covering 135 cm wide by 300: 4.05 m2.

 2 rolls covering 270 cm wide wall by 300: 8.10 m2

3 rolls covering 405 cm wide by 300: 12.15m2

*For large orders over a 7m wide or commercial enquiries we offer custom printing. Please enquire at: hello@bibianaandco.com

Our wallpapers are made by Scandinavian Wallpaper Decor which are especially printed in Sweden. Founded a decade ago by Ann-Louise “Lollo” Jansson, Scandinavian Wallpaper & Decor imports and distributes quality made and custom designed wallpaper through out Australia and New Zealand. Catering for designers and architects worldwide.

You can see more about our supplier by visiting their site at: www.wallpaperdecor.com.au/

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