Wallpaper - Frond Happy

Wallpaper - Frond Happy


Living life in a tropical oasis

Made in Sweden, our Frond Happy Wallpapers are based off Marcia Priestley’s personal style and love for line design and engaging interiors. Sketched with a single stroke, each pattern offers an extensive colour range suited for all jovial spaces.

Available in both sketch & textured design there are 4 current colour ways:

  • Sea Breeze

  • Sand Dunes

  • Island Nights

  • Fresh Fauna

With 3 panels in a roll  45x300 high:

 1 roll covering 135 cm wide by 300: 4.05 m2.

 2 rolls covering 270 cm wide wall by 300: 8.10 m2

3 rolls covering 405 cm wide by 300: 12.15m2

*For large orders over a 7m wide or commercial enquiries we offer custom printing. Please enquire at: hello@bibianaandco.com

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