Commission A Self Portrait like Courtney Adamo

Commission A Self Portrait like Courtney Adamo


With no more than a few strokes, artist Marcia Priestley creates an alluring sketch of the female silhouette. Her collection of works captures the dignity, elegance and grandeur of the female form, creating contemporary creations which are as impactful as they are unassuming, and are examples of modern line artistry at it’s finest - Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors

Marcia Priestley’s personal style and love for line design and engaging interiors started when she was just a girl. As an artists, she honed her skills from watching her mother, a window dresser & interior stylist curate spaces combining personal artefacts with trending items, encouraging Marcia to think emotionally about her environment and what value that brings to an interior.

Sketched with a single stroke, each portrait offers a sentiment behind the portrait itself. Designed with her minimal and simplistic style, her portraiture denotes her life long axiom ‘The simple things in life are often the best’

Simply send us a photo + tell us about yourself and we will send you a proof (or two) before we print & mail X

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