Celebrate friendships with walls of company.

Ayo Wallpaper

Ayo Wallpaper

Monument Valley

True friends are what make life bearable in the bad times, and so much happier in the good.

Fitting in to a friendship group is like being a bird in the same flock and having to fly South every winter because the rest of the bird family does. Being like a bird is not uncommon for us. We need guidance. So we look at what other birds are doing and follow them without question. Fly South… no questions asked. But what if our children had the confidence in themselves to fly North?

Listening carefully to our children, we can clearly educate our bird to fly in the direction their little hearts are telling them, no matter if it’s North, South, East or West. And the most wonderful part is, they may just find a new flock flying in the same direction!


Bella Limited Edition Print

Bella Limited Edition Print

little women with BIG DREams

Little girls are little woman before we know it, and capturing moments in life by holding it still can keep the memories alive for us every moment of every day.

But capturing moments in time of our children is not only for the parents who want to stop the clock from ticking, it’s for the children themselves because it reminds them of who they are (their core values) and who they want to be.

It’s so much our responsibility to question who are they becoming so we can help direct them safely and happily towards their future with clarity and inner strength. We need them to believe in themselves just as much as they believe in us. And sometimes that’s a lot harder than what it sounds.

So talk to them in a way they can hear you…

A simple picture is worth a thousand words to a child because their imagination is built from building blocks of a single thought, word or image which is almost instantly magnified to endless possibilities in their active imaginations, and so the best we can do for our children is help them to believe in themselves.

And when they learn to believe in themselves, we know our job is done and done amicably well.

A quote for the lovers of dance - “Dance is an art, paint your dreams and follow it”


Camilla Limited Edition Print

Camilla Limited Edition Print

AS free as a bird

Loving yourself means being comfortable in your own skin, pursuing things that make you happy, and letting go of those that no longer serve you. Part of being a free spirit means taking responsibility for your actions and setting yourself free from anything that is holding you back.

free-spirited woman, although unconventional, does everything with determination, heart and endless passion.

‘A free spirit is a rare bird living in a playground that is Earth’

Lollo Limited Edition Print

Lollo Limited Edition Print

the teen dream

The most transforming time of a woman’s life is her teens. Not only is her whole foundation and idealism of life changing, so is her body. And then there’s school, family & BOY’S!

‘Perspective’ is our key word to smoothy graduate from this confusing, embarrassing and tenacious time in life. Gaining a new way of looking and thinking about different topics or struggles, not only helps to put our own life into perspective, it helps us to find new interests which open up our visibility to possibilities we may never have discovered before.

I often need to remind myself to be more patient as they learn to gain new perspectives from different people they have in their lives (other than myself) which can sometimes be hard to accept. But as they filter through what feels true to them, all the while working out who they feel comfortable becoming, I’ve come to realise the best gift I can give my girls is space to just be.

I’m sure every teen’s dream is to be completely confident within themselves, but this is rarely the case. But gaining new insights from those who are trusted until they find the answer that sit’s right within, confidence comes, with patience and with time.