Palm Birds

Original Art, Limited Edition Prints & Wallpaper Collection


“Derived from free flowing hand painted design, Palm Birds are a series of organically forged motifs designed to express elements of nature, calming & beautifying spaces in a Biophilic Style” - Marcia Priestley

Biophilic design is about so much more than just bringing the outside in. It's in relation to making and strengthening connections with many aspects of nature. It’s about natural light, views on nature, plants, natural materials, textures and patterns. Biophilic Design takes this concept a step further, working to create spaces that benefit the people who use them by consciously including calming organic patterns and nature into interiors, giving us the ability to reinforce the human-nature connection we all yearn for.


The Original Collection


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Offering two collections, our Palm Birds wall art is grouped depending on your style.

If a lover of colour and what a print of an original art piece, our LEP’s of our hand painted Original Collection (Palm Birds - Pink Lake 1/ Pink Lake 2 or Frangipani Tree) printed on Canvas is for you.

If your style is more simplistic in nature, our Palm Bird Motif Collections singular designs are printed on archival art paper.

A set of three, these simplistic organic motifs are cohesive in style and are enhanced digitally to express and extend the colour capacity of the single brush stroke, creating one of Marcia’s symbolic and modish styles.


The Motif Collection


Further enhance our greenhouse style by using patterns, whether on furniture, wallpaper or even a mural, providing a more collected and serene experience which can further enhance relaxation, creativity and even productivity - something you'll never tire from.


Behind the Motif

A stork or a palm branch? This motif can be seen as either one OR both combined depending on where you look, and is not only an Biophilic Design to calm an interior, it is loaded with meaning.

Did you know the stork has long been viewed as a powerful symbol of birth and new life, most notably in the story of how babies come to be. As with new life, these giant birds also symbolise new beginnings.

It is believed the stork image encourages new ideas and inspires you to take on new ventures. Although the stork is massive and can be physically intimidating, its spiritual values are much more uplifting and positive. It’s name is based on Greek etymology for “mother-love”, and these mother birds will fiercely guard their nests against predators. In addition to birth, motherhood and protection, the stork also represents fidelity, provision, endurance, and creativity.

The palm branch is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life originating in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean world. The palm (Phoenix) was sacred in Mesopotamian religions, and in ancient Egypt representing immortality.

Combined, these two powerful symbols are harmonious in nature & in style and bring so much more than just a beautiful pattern to a home, it brings significant meaning harbouring the bounties of life.

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