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Have you noticed the term ‘British Colonial’ becoming an on trend design movement in recent times?

I personally fell head over heels for this exotic, relaxed, yet calming style when I spent two weeks island hopping the islands of Hawaii. During this time, not only did I casually enjoy quiet cocktails while relaxing on the rocking chairs at the Moana Surfrider Waikiki’s front porch, and slept in the plantation styled luxury at the famous Royal Hawaiin Hotel, I visited local villas on The Big Island which featured high ceilings, large windows, french doors & decor adorned with oversized tropical plants - all specifically built for air circulation from the sea breezes and to capture the amazing views. But, what exactly makes British Colonial style unique, and how can you adopt the features of this look throughout your interior decor?

Where does this elegant interior style originate from, and what are the trademark features and how you can incorporate them into your home?

The British Colonial craze is nothing new. It’s historic style created by the British explorers of the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries, also known as the ‘Age Of Discovery’, where explorers discovered the America’s, the coasts of Africa, the Middle East, India and East Asia. These pioneering explorers unconsciously created the unique interior style, based on their well travelled, treasured belongings and their needs for open and airy interiors which helped to circulate the heat. Their travel- influenced items which included leather trunks, light, fold-able bamboo chairs which they planted between heavy, dark timber furniture, intrinsically created a relaxed and interesting decor. Sketches of local flora and fauna adorned the walls, Plantation-style fans and furniture were abundant and in keeping with the hot and humid local destinations. Styling included artefacts collected from travels along the way which included ginger jars, tropical indoor plants, orchids, animal prints and skins, and seashells. 


This classic yet calmed style can look a touch antiquated so, how can you bring the look in your modern, contemporary home? The key is to keep colours fresh; balancing heavy, solid furniture with light, ‘leggy’ chairs and pieces; using tropical indoor plants with oversized foliage, find modern sketches of local flora and fauna to decorate the walls to add life and energy to a room; and using subtle texture, add an earthy charm of natural jutes, raw timbers, marble, seagrass, and sea-shells. 

Water Bird Line Art Limited Edition Print & Frond Happy Wallpaper in Island Nights

Water Bird Line Art Limited Edition Print & Frond Happy Wallpaper in Island Nights



Decor is not just about how it looks, it’s more about how it feels. So understanding your vibration, will help you to understand your style and choosing furniture, objects or artefacts based on this will make your house feel like your home.

For me, wallpaper is one of those items which not only creates an indispensable personality to an interior, it exudes confidence in a home.

Our textile range & wall-coverings for interiors are based off Marcia Priestley’s personal style and love for line design and engaging interiors. Sketched with a single stroke, each pattern offers an extensive colour range suited for all jovial spaces.

Available in both sketch & textured design. Contact us for further details!




A good vibe wallpaper alternative, bringing a lush tropical outdoor experience, inside.

For other colour possibilities, feel free to get in touch!




‘A view of an expanse of sea’ Seascape is ideally paired with Frond Happy offering mixed & matched colour options for perfect wall decor combinations.

For horizontal & vertical application



Our wallpapers are made by Scandinavian Wallpaper Decor which are especially printed in Sweden. Founded a decade ago by Ann-Louise “Lollo” Jansson, Scandinavian Wallpaper & Decor imports and distributes quality made and custom designed wallpaper through out Australia and New Zealand. Catering for designers and architects worldwide.

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