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The line works.

‘Marcia’s first lines were of her two daughters.

With the privilege to watch them grow into teenagers and adulthood, she wanted to capture as many moments as she could, reproducing their dignity and their grace.

Designed with her minimal and simplistic style, her portraiture denotes her life long axiom ‘The simple things in life are often the best’ a saying she lives by in times of stress, motivation and creativity.

In the same way does this maxim relate to Marcia’s schematically formed silhouettes, if you look closely, each piece evokes a sentiment behind the portrait itself. So what exactly does the catch-phrase really mean? 

“I’m sure it means something different for everyone, but for me, it is more of a subconscious zen habit. And by a zen habit, I don’t mean eat less, move more - buy less, make more or even stress less, laugh more. What I mean is relating to minimalism & a simplistic lifestyle in an emotional sense. 

Emotion strips back all the fluff of life. Once you can work out what it is that really makes you happy through tuning into yourself, you no longer need to rely on fulfilment from others or things. I now realise I don’t need much to be truly happy.

And then I draw about it. I draw from emotion filled memories of how I felt in different places, about how I see myself, about how I see others. I draw about the emotion in inspiration, strength, love, vulnerability and passion. I draw about whatever it is that’s inspiring me at the time which most days, is my girls!”

After developing a range, she was picked up by Greenhouse Interiors. The #1 destination for boutique textiles, homewares, find art and interior styling, and now she captures the dignity and grace for all women of the world.